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region warrior 03-28-09 01:57PM

Line lock plumbing?

My 68 FB had factory 4 piston calipers with a Hurst line lock when i bought it.
Changed over to 69-72 single piston cal's cause one was leaking bad.
Worked great with the original mstr cyl/combo vlv's.
The line lock wouldnt hold past 1100 rpm.
Not a prob since i didnt need it...yet.

Last fall the pedal started get'n mushy.
Noticed the vlv for the rear brakes was wet.
So i'm finally get'n ready to install a aluminum mstr cyl with correct combo vlv.

Never noticed before how the previous owner plumbed the control unit.
The R/F line from the combo vlv go's to the control with 2 lines out to the fronts.
The L/F line out at the combo vlv is plugged.
And 1 of the 4 ports is plugged on the control unit.
This cant be right.
Should'nt there be 2 lines in, and 2 out? One each for front calipers.

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