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turbo louie 12-12-08 04:05PM

Turbo question
Hello everyone,I'm building a 194.5ci 4 cylinder pontiac turbo,It will have a Edlbrock head which flows 324cfm's I'm not too sure of the cam size just yet but I can say I'm going to try to make the most power i can with it.My question is about the the intake manifold.With a head like the one I have will I be able to use a torker 2 intake?Theres alot of alteration that needs to be done to it so I figure while i'm waiting on the the combo that i'll be using I could alter it.Also I need to find out where I can buy mandal bent stainless 1 7/8" tubing.I will need some 90 degree 45's 180's.If someone could help set me in the right direction that would be great.

Thank you.

70 bird 12-12-08 06:10PM

I think the torker 2 will work but will require alot of fab time. These guys seem to carry everything but 1 7/8 you may want to step up to 2in. ?? http://www.racepartsolutions.com/pro...=RPS%2D90%2DSS

Sounds like a cool project! Is it going to be a blow-thru or fi?

turbo69BIRD 12-12-08 06:11PM

You are in the right place,
Thats sounds like a really cool project. I would use a 60-1 turbo with a .81 exhuast housing.

Is it going to be dfi or carb'd if carbd Id use amore of a low end manifold IE performer if DFI is being used I would Probably go single plane.

turbo louie 12-12-08 07:21PM

70 BIRD, Yes It will be a blow thru.I'd like to do a dfi but i'm going to save my money for the turbo.Maybe in the future.I also need to buy a tig welder.

Turbo69bird,What do you think of the GT-K 650 from Turboneics?http://www.turboneticsinc.com/produc...category_id=84

I want to use the torker 2 because I have one, so if I can save money on that I can put it to something else.

I just left PY and joined here,Too much drama.Over here everyone is cool and willing to help.AND THERE'S A TURBO SECTION!! YES!


sleeper67 12-12-08 07:31PM

The Torker 2 starts to get a little sparse for feal estate when opened up to fit the port. Take some measurements or mock the head onto block and intake. The corners can get super thin there. I would be a little weary of sealing that area under boost. But that really depends on how the head was done, (how much the entrance was opened.)

sleeper67 12-12-08 07:33PM

Now I miss my dog again.

turbo louie 12-12-08 07:40PM

Chris,I'll have to measure it.What if I weld some more meat on top of the manifold @ the top of the runner an then match port?Out side of that would it be a decent choice.


turbo louie 12-12-08 07:42PM

Yeah that's Louie.He's real crazy!

turbo louie 12-12-08 08:01PM

I just a micrometer to measure the manifold. The hight is-2.074 width is-1.156.The head is-2.254 high.1.208 wide.


sleeper67 12-12-08 09:04PM

1 Attachment(s)
I posted a pic even though you have the stuff. You can see by the point of the caliper how close the radius may be depending on head/intake relationship. It can be welded at the flange if it got thin, and maybe the top of the runner also, but then it would have to be surfaced. Has anyone else here ran thin like this on a boosted app? Mondello sells Prussian Blue High Spot Paste for like 8 bucks. Put the gasket on the head. Put the paste on the gasket. Bolt on the intake carefully and torque it. Pull it back off and the paste will leave the imprint on the head telling you exactly where the port matches. Watch the floor transition not to make it abrupt and make sure the transition from the "gasket match" to the plenum has an increasing taper with no big, small, big kind of thing.

turbo louie 12-12-08 09:55PM

Thanx Chris,I geuess i'll port match it an see how thin it gets an go from there.If all go's well i'll start the plenum work after cutting off the runners.What would be your first choice for a manifod?One thing that is important to me is hood clearance,I want to keep the stock hood.

turbo louie 12-12-08 09:57PM

What do you guys think about the GT-K 650 turbo?

turbo louie 12-12-08 10:40PM

Jeff,Where can I find the 60-1 turbo?I'm pretty much just trying to find the combo that will work the best.I really appreciate every ones advice.


sleeper67 12-13-08 11:20AM

Hey Charlie, how many more parts do you allready have to work with and what is the setup you have for the car? How is the motor situated in there? Nice thing about the four is you are not as limited in messing with the length of the entire intake tract. I feel that the intake can work well. Others can chime in on the power RPM range change running boost over NA. Looks to me though that at 200ci and a four, that if in a race app (don't know your intentions) that the range would be somewhere 4-7K or 45-75? Your intentions would help nail down the turbine side. That's just my take.

turbo69BIRD 12-13-08 01:03PM

Id have to take a look at that turbo.
The 60-1 is very comon yo can get them almost anywhere.
I can get them for you too.

They are great for twins on pontiacs. So should work well for your application as well.
.81 is what youd use for twins so I would think that would also feed you 1/2 v8 just the same.

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