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Fast1970transam 01-17-05 10:19PM

I was checking out the eastwood company and i seen like a copper plate with a handle and i guess u use to it weld up small holes or not to burn threw, just wondering if this thing worls and could i just make my own?

Marty Phipps 01-18-05 02:39AM

That plate is for wire feed welding steel.
And yes, it works.
Steel wire will not stick to copper, so the description they use is accurate.
Heard of a few guy's trying to use a penny before.
This will work, just make sure that you use an actual older copper penny.
The new pennies are made diffarantly, and steel wire will bond to them

Fast1970transam 01-18-05 11:52AM

Cool i will try that marty

Fast1970transam 01-18-05 12:52PM

will a penny from the 70's and 80's work? thats old enough right?

Lugnuts 01-18-05 01:30PM


Originally Posted by Fast1970transam
will a penny from the 70's and 80's work? thats old enough right?


* The composition was pure copper from 1793 to 1837.
* From 1837 to 1857, the cent was made of bronze (95 percent copper, and five percent tin and zinc).
* From 1857, the cent was 88 percent copper and 12 percent nickel, giving the coin a whitish appearance.
* The cent was again bronze (95 percent copper, and five percent tin and zinc) from 1864 to 1962.
(Note: In 1943, the coin's composition was changed to zinc-coated steel. This change was only for the year 1943 and was due to the critical use of copper for the war effort. However, a limited number of copper pennies were minted that year. You can read more about the rare, collectible 1943 copper penny in "What's So Special about the 1943 Copper Penny.")
* In 1962, the cent's tin content, which was quite small, was removed. That made the metal composition of the cent 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc.
* The alloy remained 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc until 1982, when the composition was changed to 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper (copper-plated zinc). Cents of both compositions appeared in that year.
so basicly any pre 82 penny will work. the 82 had both so some might be or might not be.

A. X. 01-18-05 06:13PM

Seems to me to be easier to just buy some copper at the local metal yard and put a wooden handle on it. Maybe curve the ends for tight places or curved areas.

Fast1970transam 01-18-05 07:41PM

true, but it's not badass like a penny

sprint250 03-21-05 07:11PM

copper plate
you can do the same thing by getting your hands on a piece of copper pipe

2" to 4" depending on the seam or hole size.Anneal it(red hot and let air cool) with a torch cut a section so you can open it up and pound it into the shape you want.

danzig 05-17-05 11:51AM

i have had good luck with using copper tubing and shaping it on an anvil, sounds to simple to work, but it does.
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