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sprint250 04-12-18 01:26AM

54th San Diego Antique Drags 4/28/2018
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San Diego Antique Drags
Saturday April 28th


Gach 04-12-18 02:53AM

Wish I could attend just too far

sprint250 04-13-18 02:35AM

Will post up pics of the event after the 28th.
Should be a pretty good car count.
Winter was not very severe here (not much rain)
Track has been open since January

sprint250 05-12-18 12:38PM

Link to the track photographer's website gallery of the event.

I have other pics that I'll post later.
They were taken with old school film camera.

Gotta find a reputable place that still does film in this state.

If you have film to develop stay away from the drugstores like Rite Aid & CVS.
They now ship their film work out of state & then the processor lab transmits just the digital images back the branch you dropped the film off at, that's where they print the job & burn the CD.
YOU DO NOT GET YOUR NEGATIVES BACK FROM THEM ! The contract film processing company destroys them at their lab.
Had one of them big chain drugstores botch a job up like that a couple of years ago.On top of all that they lost the job for over a month.
If possible keep that kind of work local or at least in the same state you are in .
Make 100% sure that you will receive your property (negatives & slides) back from them before you hand the job over to them. If the counter help & management does not know and/or the job envelope they send to their contract film processor does not mention that detail in plain language take the work somewhere else that will return your original materials.
You may pay more but you will get your original property back.

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