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GAS455 06-08-08 12:06AM

57 & 58 Chassis
Is there any difference in the 57 & 58 Chassis?

Can I put a 57 Body on a 58 Chassis????


Pontiac Jack 06-08-08 01:51AM

I hope someone will chime in with the answer.
Looking at Gunnell's Pontiac book, it mentions "all new chassis engineering" for '58, but doesn't go into any details, other than "recessed floors". Track widths front and rear are nearly identical. Wheelbases are the same for those two years, at 122" (series 25/27) and 124" (series 28).

Bill Eveland 06-08-08 12:32PM

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The design of the 2 frames are totally differant. It would depend on the body mounting point, but since 58 doesn't use a perimeter frame that may be unlikely.

The first is the earlier style frame , the 58 also has rear coil and trailing arms, which may nnot fit under the earlier body.

JLP 09-24-08 04:25AM

Also, '57 has leaf springs and king pins. '58 was first year of coil springs in the back and not sure about king pins for front axel.

pontirag 02-28-10 12:23AM

yea. 58 had ball joint front end 57 had king pins

GET IT ON 03-10-10 12:38AM

I have a 57 Chiefton that is going on a 78 Buick LeSabre frame. Of couse it all has to be modified, and the frame will be cut to a shorter wheel base/ and fitted to the body with new floors. All those ss impalas from the 90's really got alot of cool suspension parts made, along with big disc brakes. I will however reuse the 57 Pontiac rearend because it just wouldn't be right without it. A new large rotor disc brake kit will be on it too. Thinking the original 347 is going to be reused with an under hood blower. Something my uncle did with his and a paxton back in the day....

JLP 08-20-10 09:18PM

Pics? Pics?
Had a '57 as did my father and brother. Boy, I miss that '57.

GET IT ON 08-21-10 01:08AM


Originally Posted by JLP (Post 376112)
Pics? Pics?
Had a '57 as did my father and brother. Boy, I miss that '57.

I'll post one or 2 of what I started with. Just hold your eyes behind protective glass!

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