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Mr.Pontiac 12-30-15 11:14PM

Not alone new springs suck!!!
Just dropped car off the jack stands with 165 pound Santuff springs and tires are hitting inner fender when i push down on fender. This sucks like big time. Santuff not impresssing me!! Dropped them a email. Cool if i had a low rider, lol

Mb125 12-30-15 11:25PM

Factory spring rate for that car is 315 with a .65 diameter wire and loaded height of 11 inches

sprint250 12-31-15 02:34AM

I got mine from QUICKOR back in 2008.
Initially they made the car set a little high in the front but they have settled slightly since installation.

QUICKOR does not list them any longer.
Now all they show for Pontiacs is some Fiero stuff.

JSPONT 12-31-15 01:04PM

Before you get crazy, unless you had your car on scales and know your weight and % of front to back, it is a guestimate of what springs are needed unless your car is bone stock.
I s/w Santuff he told me to put them in, if there is a problem call him and he will tell me if cutting is needed how much to cut, if the car is to low send them back and he will send a new set.
You could have a problem with any spring. The moroso springs are a pita you have to cut them to fit usually.
I do agree it sucks having to pull it apart again, but that's hot rodding!!

Gach 12-31-15 01:22PM

I've used the Moroso in many different cars. Never had a problem and never had to cut them. The trick is to order them for a BBC Chevelle

Hooter 01-05-16 12:30AM

165? They recommended the 250 for my 65 and still not enough ground clearance with my headers. Curious how you wound up with that light of a spring.

Mr.Pontiac 01-05-16 01:33AM

Brad , i believe i backed car on scale at Norwalk, Rear weighed in 2200 front weighed in close to 1300. I called them and thats what they suggested??? I don,t know how they do it but???? My car front crossmember went fron 7/14 inches to almost 4 inches.Looked like a cool low rider. My front tires were just touching top of inner fender well. Nobodys perfect butt you know its alot of work& time. changing them.I believe they are sending me 200,s maybe i should call them & ask for 225,s????

Hooter 01-05-16 03:40PM

I had the 250's and they were about perfect ride height except I've got crappy Hedman low hanging headers that would drag over big bumps. Replaced with factory Moog type. My car is 3770 with me in it if that helps.

Gach 01-05-16 05:08PM

This is crazy... I would think Stantuff by now would know what rate spring to use. I mean GTO... Chevelle's are pretty close to same thing. Frames are all the same, only deference is the weight of the motors.. Obviously a SBC motor weighs less the a Pontiac motor and a BBC motor weighs a little more, but not enough of a difference in weight. Probably only difference would be fiberglass noes over stock front end. Even if, it sat to high with a spring compressor tool you could cut 1/2 coil off at time. The Stantuff sound like good springs.

Mr.Pontiac 01-06-16 02:29AM

Just got in from work, Got a email stating they would like for me to go with 225 springs. He adding my weight of 200 also for a 4000 pound car. I just saying i weighed it in with me in it. i thought it was 3700 pounds. According to Santhuff every size i go up will raise car 2 inches at wheel fender. i know i lost at least 4 inches. I am going with the 225,s.

Mr.Pontiac 01-06-16 02:57PM

staying on top of things, Santhuff sent another email stating 225,s are coming and if there anything they can do to help just let them know. I think
thats pretty cool. They didn,t have to do this.

Gach 01-06-16 08:51PM

Sounds like a good company. They should work.

Mr.Pontiac 01-08-16 01:49AM

ok, Not knocking Santhuff, i had enough!! It cost me 29.00$ shipping to get them to my house then 34.00$ to ship them back because they where wrong. Now to get the 225 sent to me again they want a additional 29.00$ for shipping costs. No way!! Gach, as soon as i get refunded its Moroso time!!!

Hooter 01-09-16 12:17PM

For the additional $63 to get the other set, id personally go that route. You at least have a good baseline with the Santhuffs. Will be starting over again on the Moroso and im guessing more money than $63.

Mr.Pontiac 01-09-16 12:52PM

Brad, i paid 190.00$ for the springs plus aditional 30 to ship them to me. 220.00$ Then i just paid 33.00$ to ship them back. 255.00$ Now they won,t ship me the 225,s unless i pay another 30.00$ to get then here. total 285.00$. Sometimes you just got to say enuff already!!.

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