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Zedo 03-06-11 01:39PM

Ford oil filters fit Pontiac V8
a few years back I was cleaning out an old closed down garage shop, got a pile of vintage 1940-50-60's parts and sold them all on the net. One box was a case of brand new oil filters still in the packages. The number was a Ford part number reference. I had a Pontiac oil filter adapter so I tried one on it. Guess what, the Ford oil filter fit the Pontiac. I kept the box of filters and haven't bought one since, and use them on both my Firebird 455 and Ford truck 400M engine. Same filter. BTW they should also fit Olds, and maybe even Buick and Cadillac too. So if someone is "getting rid" of new Ford oil filters they no longer need, see if they fit your Pontiac.

sprint250 09-26-12 01:16AM

part #'s?

Mark G 12-09-12 06:34PM

Zedo is banned so your on your own.

MadOkie 03-02-17 09:26PM

i have been using the motorcraft filter FL1A for about 10 years on all 3 of my vehicles, 1977 catalina Police Enforcer ,1987 mustang 5.0, and the 1999 ram 5.9 gas engine,, works good in all ,never any leaks or problems,purolater is supposed to be the maker , so its a good filter, WM has them cheap..

rexs73gto 03-03-17 07:00PM

IS the FLA1 a small filter or a large one like the Pontiac filter we have come to know & love for our real Pontiac engines??

MadOkie 03-16-17 03:19AM

Floored filter
you mean the Floored filter known as FL-1A, yes its the long one, ,,5 1/4 long by 3 3/4 wide.(u usually have to keep a ford floored to keep up with everybody else)

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